Raspberry Pi turned into a portable Computer

A Raspberry Pi has been made into a very small, portable computer which includes a keyboard with a mouse pad, and also a very small monitor. The portable computer also uses very little power and is connected up to a Battery. SK Pang Electronics connected the keyboard, USB power pack and small LCD monitor to the Raspberry Pi. They had to overcome a problem where the power pack only gave out 5 volts of power, the monitor alone needs 12 volts. A quote which shows that they did “The 5v regulator was bypassed, but that can cause issues as the voltage protection is removed and the display could get damaged if not handled correctly.”

Source Address :- http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/raspberry-pi-turned-into-a-portable-workstation-20120719/

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1940’s TV, Resurected With Raspberry Pi

Andy Brown has been working on a project to re-create a 1940s TV using a set he found in a barn a few years ago, and a Raspberry Pi. The TV plays period programs from a USB hard drive (it can also stream content from the internet), and will be part of a display at Making the Best, the Brown family’s shop in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. Video first from different stages in the project’s development, then some explanatory notes from Andy.

Links to the original posts: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/1721


I think this was a great idea to restore a television using the Raspberry Pi, it really shows one of the many possibilities of the Raspberry Pi.

Teaching Pi

There are a few schools that use Raspberry Pis to teach programming/coding, and this became a hot topic at the Broadcom Masters Program. They decided to then set up a scheme to replace their science fair, where they give Raspberry Pis to a bunch of students. Then they where told to create a simple game using the Pi even though most of them haven’t had any programing experience at all. They had to code/alter a very simple game like snake which can be found on old phones that they received from a Broadcom employee. They had to do this within an hour. The co-founder Dr. Henry Samueli stated that;

“A key part of our mission at Broadcom is to promote math and science education at all levels. This is the culmination of a year’s worth of work.”

I think that this was a great idea as it shows how easy it is to use and that it can easily be used in schools to teach programing to kids who have a interest in programming or want to give it a go. I received this information from a article by “ZDNet“.

Author: Jwrodgers

Pi upgrades RAM

Raspberry Pi B model, a cheap customisable Linux computer, which is the size of a cigarette box, has now doubled its RAM from 256MB to 512MB. People who have an outstanding Pi order, will receive the new upgraded model.

The foundation founder promised,

“Units should start arriving in customers’ hands today, and we will be making a firmware upgrade available in the next couple of days to enable access to the additional memory,”

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Raspberry Pis memory increased

The Raspberry Pi now supports 512MB of RAM rather than what it was before, 256MB. Although it  has been upgraded, it still costs the same as it always was which is around £22.

Anybody who already has placed an order will receive the upgraded board.

“Units should start arriving in customers’ hands today, and we will be making a firmware upgrade available in the next couple of days to enable access to the additional memory,”

Premier Farnell’s Element 14 is in Pencoed which manufactures the Raspberry Pi.


Source: RegHardware

Teaching Everyone to Program: Raspberry Pi

This article makes a nice analogy of how easy it is to build computers nowadays but how hard it is to make programs. However the introduction of the cheap Raspberry Pi gives children the chance to learn programming to make applications and programs. The article tells us of how young ones can be put off from programming since they are cautious of messing things up especially since most of the devices they have in the house are more expensive, some only even have one computer or device in the house. Since the Raspberry Pi is so cheap it wouldn’t matter much if they messed it up and they can safely experiment and learn without a worry. I think this is really great and I’m sure it will help a lot more children get interested in programming, moreover they would understand computers better.

“…so kids won’t only know how to use Google or play a game, they can also learn how computers actually work.”

Hopefully then in the future we will see a lot more diverse and different programs that are more intuitive other than so many carbon copies of the same games and applications.

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I’m Rhys Newbury aged 17. I’m a designer for this blog. I am currently doing a ICT course in Swansea ITeC. I am trying to develop my skills towards programming as I enjoy that side of I.T.

The Raspberry Pi is a very small little chip that can be inserted into your TV or keyboard. The Pi can be used for common applications such as Microsoft office (spreadsheets, word and power point.). I would like to learn more about the Raspberry Pi for example, what their capability and specs are.

I think it would be cool to do a project on developing a game with the Raspberry Pi.