Teaching Pi

There are a few schools that use Raspberry Pis to teach programming/coding, and this became a hot topic at the Broadcom Masters Program. They decided to then set up a scheme to replace their science fair, where they give Raspberry Pis to a bunch of students. Then they where told to create a simple game using the Pi even though most of them haven’t had any programing experience at all. They had to code/alter a very simple game like snake which can be found on old phones that they received from a Broadcom employee. They had to do this within an hour. The co-founder Dr. Henry Samueli stated that;

“A key part of our mission at Broadcom is to promote math and science education at all levels. This is the culmination of a year’s worth of work.”

I think that this was a great idea as it shows how easy it is to use and that it can easily be used in schools to teach programing to kids who have a interest in programming or want to give it a go. I received this information from a article by “ZDNet“.

Author: Jwrodgers

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