Moodle Underway

Started doing some planning for the project today (setting up this blog was a bit spur of the moment based on other blog projects we’ve done so didn’t need much forethought!

We use Moodle a lot so that seemed like the logical place to start.  The course is now underway here: ITeC Moodle Raspberry Pi Course,

I did look at the eLinux Raspberry Pi wiki which has an education section but it seems rather chaotic (even for a wiki!).  I added our project there, but if anyone knows any structured collections of resources we’d like to hear about them.  Part of the bid was that we’d release anything we created back into the community so the Moodle course is open to Guest access and we’ll be making it available on the likes of Moodle Commons and Moodle Share once it’s fully populated.

So far an intro and the first section, on OSes is done (or at least ready to try out with learners).  I’ve tried to steer clear of too much reading – where is there is background reading to be absorbed, I’ve gone for a ‘close’ approach so a bit of thought has to go in as well as just plonking it in front of eyeballs.  (Idea from a post about Textivate on m-learning, Lilian’s blog)

I went off on somewhat of a tangent here because while the idea came from Textivate, the actual implementation of the cloze I did in Moodle for ease of assessing and tracking – and there’s a bug in Moodle’s Quiz activity that adds an orphan paragraph tag to cloze tasks if the “HTML Tidy” filter is switched on, resulting in an ugly looking screen where the first ‘gap’ forces a line break whether it needs one or not!

Half hour research to fix that!  (Well, we said the staff were going to learn from this project as well as the learners – though I rather more had in mind RasPi skills than more Moodle ones! ;))

The ‘Research’ activity has been added retrospectively – really it’s what the learners have done here (although in some cases we’re still waiting for comments adding a few more of their own thoughts to the bare facts and news stories they’ve found.)

There’s a couple of survey’s to get people thinking about what they want to get out of the course and it’ll be interesting to see how well our learners’ priorities tie up with ours!

There’s also a wiki where they can start compiling info about different operating systems they want to try out.  I’m hoping to link this in with some literacy activities to do with writing reviews and text types.  (Persuasive vs informational)

Not entirely sure how long it’s going to all take yet really.  Lesson plan might just be written retrospectively!

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