Teaching Everyone to Program: Raspberry Pi

This article makes a nice analogy of how easy it is to build computers nowadays but how hard it is to make programs. However the introduction of the cheap Raspberry Pi gives children the chance to learn programming to make applications and programs. The article tells us of how young ones can be put off from programming since they are cautious of messing things up especially since most of the devices they have in the house are more expensive, some only even have one computer or device in the house. Since the Raspberry Pi is so cheap it wouldn’t matter much if they messed it up and they can safely experiment and learn without a worry. I think this is really great and I’m sure it will help a lot more children get interested in programming, moreover they would understand computers better.

“…so kids won’t only know how to use Google or play a game, they can also learn how computers actually work.”

Hopefully then in the future we will see a lot more diverse and different programs that are more intuitive other than so many carbon copies of the same games and applications.

Image created by SJ