Project Planning

Today we looked at breaking down the ideas learners had for what they wanted to do with the Pis into SMART targets.

We’ve looked at SMART targets before as all learners do the Improve Own learning and Performance Key Skill, but most needed to refresh their memory with a quick Google to remember the acronym!

I modelled the process first with a project I fancy having a crack at, and we started working on a collaborative Google doc.  Unfortunately although some learners are used to working this way and ready to contribute, a certain amount of silliness did set in with some at the realisation they could tamper with each other’s work.  When this didn’t subside in reasonable time and after a warning or two, we decided to have everyone download their own copy to work on and merge them back later.  This was more timeconsuming and we’ll have to work on self discipline during collaborative tasks as we go on!  Increasingly Google Docs is being used in the workplace and we’d be in a fine old state if the staff all decided to sabotage, rather than improve, each other’s contributions!

It did demonstrate how much of a learning curve there will be and how much targets breakdown needs to be practiced and reinforced.

Some very interesting ideas coming out of it too!